Friday, August 01, 2008

Women Deserve Better

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  • Culturally-diversified bi-racial girl,
    with a small diamond nose-ring
    and a pretty smile
    poses beside the words: "Women deserve better".

  • And I almost let her non-threatening grin begin to
    infiltrate my psyche-
    till I read the unlikely small-print at the bottom of the ad.
    'Sponsored by the US Secretariate for Pro Life Activities
    and the Knights of Columbus'
    on a bus, in a city with a population of 563,000.

  • Four teenage mothers on the bus with me.
    One latino woman with three children under three,
    and no signs of a daddy.
    One sixteen year old black girl,
    standing in twenty two degree weather
    with only a sweater,
    and a bookbag,
    and a bassinet, with an infant that ain't even four weeks yet-

  • Tell me that yes: Women do deserve better.

  • Women deserve better
    than public transportation rhetoric
    from the same people who won't give that teenage mother
    a ride to the next tranist.
    Won't let you talk to their kids about safer sex,
    and never had to listen as the door slams
    behind the man
    who adamantly says "that SHIT ain't his"-
    leaving her to wonder how she'll raise this kid.

  • Women deserve better than the three hundred dollars
    TANF and AFDC will provide that family of three.
    Or the six dollar an hour job at KFC
    with no benefits for her new baby-
    or the college degree she'll never see,
    because you can't have infants at the university.

  • Women deserve better
    than lip-service paid for by politicians
    who have no alternatives to abortion.
    Though I'm sure right now
    one of their seventeen year old daughters
    is sitting in a clinic lobby, sobbing quietly
    and anonymously,
    praying parents don't find out-
    Or is waiting for mom to pick her up because
    research shows that out-of-wedlock childbirth
    don't look good on political polls.
    And Bush ain't having that.

  • Women deserve better
    than backward governmental policies
    that don't want to pay for welfare for kids,
    or healthcare for kids,
    or childcare for kids.
    Don't want to pay living wages to working mothers.
    Don't want to make men who only want to be
    last night's lovers
    responsible for the semen they lay.
    Just like [they] don't want to pay for shit,
    but want to control the woman who's having it.

  • Acting outraged at abortion,
    when I'm outraged that they want us to believe
    that they believe
    "Women deserve better".

  • The Vatican won't prosecute pedophile priests,
    but I decide I'm not ready for motherhood
    and it's condemnation for me.
    These are the same people
    who won't support national condom distribution
    to prevent teenage pregnancy--

  • But women deserve better.

  • Women deserve better than back-alley surgeries
    that leave our wombs barren and empty.
    Deserve better than organizations bearing the name
    of land-stealing, racist, rapists
    funding million dollar campaigns on subway trains
    with no money to give these women--
    While balding, middle-aged white men
    tell us what to do with our bodies,
    while they wage wars and kill other people's babies.

  • So maybe,
    Women deserve better than propaganda and lies
    to get into office.
    Propaganda and lies
    to get into panties,
    to get out of court,
    to get out of paying child-support.

  • Get the fuck out of our decisions
    and give us back our VOICE.

  • Women do deserve better.

  • Women deserve choice.

-Sonya "The Drama" Boom Renee
Individual World Poetry Slam Finals 2006

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