Monday, May 28, 2007

Time for Anti-Intelligent Design Activism

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The lengths to which the Discovery Institute will sink to prove that they are nothing more than a marketing machine never ceases to amaze me.

In the last week, I was browsing Reddit's new submissions when I cam upon a screed against Al Gore by none other than that weasel William Dembski. In fact, the username of the submitter was "wmadembski." Coincidence?

Of course not. If you visit the Discovery Institute, and particularly the site of the ignorant and disingenuous screed against Al Gore at Uncommon Descent, you'll find that the IDolators make sure to submit their own material to every social bookmarking site feasible.

Why does this disturb me? Look. Trying to gauge the popularity and efficacy of a blog or website is tenuous, and social bookmarking sites are quicky becoming a useful tool. But the integrity of this rests on the basic premise that readers define what gets submitted, kept, dropped, voted up, voted down, hidden or makes the front page. It's an honor system we depend on to use social bookmarking sites as collections of individuals that shouldn't include, to any significant degree, the authors of works that are submitted.

William Dembski and the DI/UC are poisoning the well. They are ruining the premise of social bookmarking sites' (which is not to be confused with a social networking site) integrity. They are also proving that they care more about shoving their ideas where they are not wanted as a marketing machine than as a legitimate science organization.

To make things worse, I also recently discovered that at Digg Podcasts, the Discovery Institute has a podcast called "Intelligent Design the Future" (or on other podcast directories, simply "ID the Future"). It's labeled under Science & Medicine.

What a croc of shit. Sure, they spend a lot of time bashing real scientists, but does that count as being a science podcast? I don't think so. And you shouldn't either.

Visit this directory of podcast sites and find every contact/support/feedback page you can, and make sure to visit Digg Podcasts, and tell them that Intelligent Design is not science, it is in fact pseudo–science, anti–science, and old–fashioned creationism.

In late 2005, in the case of Kitzmiller, et al vs. Dover, PA Board of Education, Intelligent Design was debunked throughly as creationism ideology, as far from real science as religion can get. Find yourself a link to the decision, like this one (pdf) or this one (pdf), so that these webmasters and site owners can read it for themselves. Show them the Wedge Document. Stand up for truth in podcasting (sorry to Skepticality for stealing their subtitle just now.), and in some small way show those lying, quote–mining, political–spinning scumbags at the Discovery Institute that you don't want to put up with their bologna.

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