Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sherley the Pig Makes a Friend

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I just have to put up this post by Sherly Setterbo, the Atheist Exposed. This is, by far, the sweetest post ever that ends with a rhyme about a pig

The first black girl I knew... I think I've said before that I grew up in Austin, TX. At the age of 12, I was promoted to the 6th grade, which in that year, was combined with the 7th, and 8th grades, at Webb Jr High School. In addition to my underling status (bring an under classman), it was the first year of forced intergration in Austin, Tx. Jr High was really different than elemantary school. There was so much more responsibility. Changing classes. People I didn't know. I was pretty much invisable, and happy to be so, when one one day, I turned a corner, and found myself in the middle of a black on redneck brawl. Big boys, that where fighting... one of the guys, had a crutch, and he was swinging it. It passed close in front of my face. I felt someone grab me from behind, hard. I fell back, in terror, and looked up into the eyes of a stranger. She was big. I probably weighed 90 pounds, and she was over 150. She was black. I was so scared. She just scooped me up in her lap, and pulled us up under some lockers, and I just stared at her, feeling quite helpless. And quite terrified. I had never talked with a black person before. She looked down at me and smirked, "You better be careful little girl, Your gonna get yourself hurt." I didn't cry, I just laid there in her lap, until the officals came, and made the boys quit fighting. Her name was Billie Bell. She saved my life. We became the best of friends. She wrote in my Jr High almanac, "I love you little, I love you big, I love you like a little pig."


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