Monday, February 27, 2006

{ Religiosity > Survival || Interest in the True Causes of Strife } in the Minds of the Faithful

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      Here's a gem I found in today's paper (the Kansas City Star) behind the front page, on A2, centered at the bottom under a picture associated with the unseasonably warm Kansas winter and how nice spring may be. Here is the way it is printed online.

Posted on Mon, Feb. 27, 2006 Woman fatally shot in church DETROIT — A gunman opened fire with a shotgun during a church service Sunday morning, killing a woman and wounding two persons. He then shot himself a mile away, police said. Investigators believe a domestic dispute led to the shooting at Zion Hope Missionary Baptist Church about 11 a.m., said Second Deputy Police Chief James Tate. A 9-year-old child, sitting near the unidentified woman who died, was hit in the hand by a buckshot pellet, Tate said. As the gunman fled the church, he critically shot a man trying to protect his wife from a carjacking attempt, officials said. More than five hours after the shootings, Tate said, officers spotted the suspect, who was identified as 24-year-old Kevin Lorenzo Collins. Collins fatally shot himself before police captured him, Tate said. Church members embraced one another after the gunman left and continued to pray as police started coming in, said Ann Armstrong, 30, who was attending the service. Church members then continued the service, Tate said. “They didn’t let this incident stop the reason why they came to church,” he said. “They came to worship.” — The Associated Press

      I hope George Carlin is happy, for many-a-time on stage or otherwise, he said he could not wait for guns in schools to evolve into guns in church. He sees that sort of thing as a sign of social entropy, and he is glad to help it along. But I am not going to celebrate this incident. Hell, churches and religion in general have greater tendencies to incite violence, greed, and general disarray than any other social construct in history. Indeed, I find what this article reveals (though history should show it is an obvious fact) about the churchgoers to be very alarming, not just the murder itself. My title says it all, does it not?

      It is convenient for me that I can point to an article that I site as one of the inspirations for my blog. In his article, Andrew Sullivan points out an interesting fact about common sense morality: Knowing why an action/idea is immoral to you illuminates nothing about the why it is done. And what is the point of putting value in a "moral system" if it has no use in understanding and preventing universal crimes and harmful discord?

      In my last post, I stated that "...good philosphy must, from now on, begin with logic, epistemology, scientific (external and methodologically natural) validation, and then ethics, in that order." Here, we have stumbled on the first and most important justification as to why. Only on the foundations of logic, epistemology, and science can ethics properly bridge the divide between (sensation && perception) and (reality). Every religion, being based on unjustified tenets and supernatural mysticism fails miserably on this point, every single one, even those that claim only to be a 'spirituality,' such as Buddhism, Wicca, Druidism and the like. And none makes this flaw so destructive and regressive as the Western trilogy, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Let's treat this post as an open thread.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Science Bloggers, Religiosity, and Cowardice.

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      I've taken a week off of blogging. This may seem odd, considering the prethora of hot topics to blog about right now. There is Darwin Day / Evolution Sunday, the cartoon controversy, Pope Benedict lays another clerical smackdown on Intelligent Design, Princeston defends Evolution, the Amazing Meeting 4, James Randi's heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery to recovery, George C. Deutsch aka "the Douche," Phil Kline in Kansas has declared all minors having sex are both victims and felony offenders, Cheney has hundreds of pen-tailed (crippled) animals released 20 feet from him so he can have an elitist bloodbath and shoots his buddy instead... The shit isn't just hitting the fan, it's a solid, July-4th-worthy, fantastic spray that encompasses us all in its warmth and stench.

      So why have I hesitated? Well, recently I made an angry comment on one of Chris Mooney's entries in which I compared his rant that day fatal flaws of both Michael Ruse (with citation from Butterflies and Wheels) and a random Republican's soundbyte I caught while flipping past Real Time with Bill Maher. And well... what I felt then had just stuck with me. Today I want to give a message to many science bloggers, speakers, and reporters: You really know how to act like cowards.

      When I wrote that comment on Mooney's blog entry, I used the phrase "PZ and I," since PZ Meyers was actively in disagreement with the very same blog entry in question. Both he and I expressed explicit disagreement with this "ideal messenger" thing. However, he happily advocated Evolution Sunday. I ask, what is the difference beetween Mooney's suggestion to give creationists their one "ideal messenger," a religious scientist, and pointing creationists towards a list of science-friendly clergymen? Darwin Day happened to be the same day, and as PZ pointed out in a most recent entry, the holiday of Darwin Day really is about celebrating science, in a scientific setting.

One more thing he got wrong: it was a celebration of science and Darwin. The one I attended was all about the science.
      But Evolution Sunday being on the same day this year really ruined it for me. I can only hope for future celebrations that Evolution X-day will not be permanently affixed to Darwin Day, and stick to the Sunday closest to Darwin Day, for because of this merging, I was not able to celebrate Darwin Day this year.

      Do not confuse my words. I may sound alot like what PvM on Panda's Thumb is arguing against so far, but if you stick with me, I think it will be worth your time. Unlike Chapman, I do not think that defending Darwinism in in the physical territory of religiosity makes Darwinism a faith. The Theory of Evolution is logically, epistemologically, and Scientifically sound all by itself. Unlike Bruce Chapman, I understand that the minimum requirement of good philosophy goes in the order of logic, epistemology, and then ethics. I repeat: in that order, instead of the other way around, as creationists and other igoramuses think. In fact, by the theme of my blog, it is clear that it must go farther than that. Since we have science and methodological naturalism, good philosphy must, from now on, begin with logic, epistemology, scientific (external and methodologically natural) validation, and then ethics, in that order. And it is on this point where I defend that Evolution Sunday is still hypocrisy, and worse, kowtowing of the worst kind that a scientist can perform.

      While seething after writing my comment for Mooney, my thoughts came to peer review. I can hear somebody arguing, "If scientists put so much value on peer review, if one of the strenghts of science is its inherent ability to convince a multitude of rational people, why is it you think is so hypocritical about expanding that sphere into American religion, where the majority of them sit?" I ask you, since religion permeates the vast majority of the American populus and yet only around 5% or so of us are qualified scientists, does that comparison not signify that the demographic of American theologans is inherently insignificant as to peer review? Moreover, bloggers, podcasters, writers and science celebrities are constantly applying this political rhetoric to the broad category of religion, when in fact the people they want to win over are those that are explicitely opposed to religion, a minority sect of the afore-mentioned demographic. These same poltroons will even go so far as to point out that creationists are a minority, and still complain about unpopularity.

      We have to stop acting as if winning over creationists would be a scientific victory. It is not. It would be an ethical one. It would be an ethical victory and I would applaud it, I would rejoice in it, if all creationists suddenly realized the truth of evolution and excepted it on the evidence, I think I would have an explosive orgasm and have to change my pants. However, it is not a scientific endeavor, the conflation with the political survival of science with the integrity of science is meretricious. When you write about how science is under attack and how dangerous it is, it does have factual, physical ramifications for the country, but that is still an ethical issue. Science is amoral. We are writing ethics as well as science, now be honest about it!

      When you manage convince somebody that their faith-based, internally-validated worldview is compatable with an evidence-based, externally-validated worldview (science) just because the latter (science) does not make statements pertaining to the sphere of the former (religion), it is not a victory for either. If their defining content does not intersect, their non-exclusiveness in the mind is without significance to science. We should not write, speak, or act as if it is.

      There is a good reason math does not count as science and that the math credentials of Behe and Dembski is irrevelevent to their scientific qualifications. Math is purely a priori, where as science beautifully mends a priori logistic (Of or relating to symbolic logic), and a posteriori. Religion is like math, in that it does not require external validation. Scientific knowledge is defined by this synergy; it is not just an amalgamation of the two realms, it is something else you get when they combine correctly, it is greater than the sum.

      Stop defacing science by celebrating its non-exclusion of faith-based, back-asswards memeplexes.


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Thursday, February 02, 2006

On Homosexuality: Acceptance Versus Tolerance

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On Homosexuality: Acceptance Versus Tolerance

      This was written in August 2004

      Recently, the new national secretary for the media denounced the public television station PBS for spending money on a cartoon that included gay characters. The reason given was that some parents would not like their children exposed to that kind of material (emphasis mine). It is not much different than Jerry Falwell’s attack on the purple Teletubby character, and really not much different than another banned re-make of a cartoon music video that included the accused gay character, SpongeBob Squarepants. Usually I will automatically jump to the conclusion that whoever is asking for a ban or resisting the viewing of something that acknowledging that gay exist is just a huge bigoted jerk, and usually I am right. The problem with most people is that they do not understand the difference between acceptance and tolerance.

      The PBS cartoon under question is entitled “Postcards from Buster,” and Buster goes around the United States visiting interesting places. In this episode called “Sugartime!” Buster visits Vermont, which is already touchy for those certain frightened parents because Vermont allows gay marriage. The episode features two lesbian couples. Some would say that it has gay people “although the focus is on farm life and maple sugaring,” insinuating that only straight people own farms and make our delicious maple syrup to put on our pancakes. When I read an article about this first at and another at, I was routinely furious at the bigotry of parents who want to avoid mentioning any existence of homosexuals in any aspect of their children’s lives. However, two lesbian couples in one episode, which is much less than thirty minutes when the time of commercials is extracted, is pushing it for representative sampling, even for Vermont. The makers of the cartoon were doing a little political editing, and that warrants some sort of action. Myself, I would only cut down the number of couples to one. Showing that both gays and straights live in the same place is more accurate.

      Several years ago, there was an even bigger debacle on this denial phenomenon. I happened upon a blog rant that talked about a motion in Oregon to ban all mention of homosexuality from the public school curriculum. The maker of the website provided a link to the state’s public forum on the vote, and I read some nasty propaganda against homosexuals, all under the leadership of a single man who runs the anti-gay movement in the state, Lon Mabon, or something like that. The movement failed. It had failed an election before that, and it failed once more in the future. Again, the central argument of this bigoted movement was that the schools were buying into Liberal Democrat Hippy Pansexual Agenda that pushes the acceptance of gays. On the contrary, it was only tolerance to admit that gay people exist and will do what they do just like the rest.

      Another school movement I ran into on the news was something called No Name Calling Week. This is one of many anti-bullying programs. However, when the advocators and instigators of No Name Calling Week began dialogue about the incredibly prolific use of the term faggot among students, conservatives immediately jumped on the defensive (and of course, their best defense was a strong offense). They claimed that No Name Calling Week was, of course, a Liberal Democrat Hippy program pushing the acceptance of homosexuals in their Pansexual Agenda. How frugal of them.

      I read about this particular gem not online, but in the Kansas City Star last Sunday, and it was the last straw. I am officially fed up with people who can not see the difference between tolerating different opinions, and accepting somebody else’s worldview. In the entire article, I found there was only one man who actually knew how to define tolerance and the true goal of tolerance. His name was Mr. Howe, and here is what he had to say:

      “Homosexuality is not a moral issue — it’s a fact, and kids who are gay, or maybe just different, need to be allowed to grow up in a safe environment just like everybody else."

      It is good that a public figure would stand up and actually say that homosexuality is not a moral issue. As a nation that is prone to moral panics that lead to violence and caste brutality, we need to back away from turning any confrontation into a "moral issue." Indeed, " who are...maybe just different, need to be allowed to grow up in a safe environment just like everybody else," is exactly the definition of tolerance and its integrity. It is a severe perversion for Conservatives to claim that this is a part of the Liberal Democratic Pansexual Agenda and that any such program such as "No Name-Calling Week" projects the thought that anybody who disagrees with homosexuality is called hateful, bigoted, or homophobe. What "No Name-Calling Week," indeed tolerance deals with in reality is individuals' restraint from letting disagreement from turning into verbal or physical violence. Name-calling is verbal violence; stopping name-calling is a call for tolerance, not acceptance, and Conservatives need to come to terms with this.

      Moreover, people need to come to terms with the idea that homosexuals do not thing of themselves in the habit of acting gay, but think of themselves as being gay. Disagreeing with a behavior and acting against it is intolerant. Disagreeing with an identity and acting against it is bigotry. Disagreeing with a behavior but allowing it go on as long as it does not infringe with others’ rights is tolerance. Disagreeing with an identity and allowing them to be is acceptance. Those are the differences. On homosexuality, there can never be tolerance or intolerance. There can only acceptance or no acceptance. It is not a moral issue; it is a factual issue.

      So yes, I agree that the word faggot should disappear from our verbal arsenal, for disagreeing with somebody’s will to be is wrong. This is a lesson we should all be teaching our children.

      Pretty good, eh? If Mr. Allison had not limited our essay to a maximum of two pages, I would write more. There is still the issue of whether or not it is tolerance or acceptance when sexual education in schools mentions homosexuality. What cases can we think of where even asshole conservatives allow and encourage acceptance (more than tolerance) on an issue? The first that comes to mind is minorities. Yes, even right-wingers are OK with schools telling us to accept people for being black, yellow, brown, red or orange. They use that word. And also, when the history of the Constitution comes to the classroom, children are encouraged to accept other people’s religions and other basic rights. What we can conclude is that on every level, the public school system is not being allowed to make a decision on whether or not gay people act gay or are gay.

      OK, I will admit it. No Name Calling Week is really walking a fine line. They focus on the word faggot, and denounce its usage. Is that teaching tolerance or acceptance? Since people will call anybody faggot for seemingly any reason, the answer is tolerance. It is simply anti-violence. It is an anti-bullying program, not an anti-hate program. The whole point is to KEEP YOUR HATE TO YOUR SELF.

      Tolerance deals with what you do with your hate or disagreement. Acceptance deals with its origins. More candidly, tolerance is an external expression, a behavior, whilst acceptance is an introspective decision. When we do not agree with an identity, we can still keep that to our damned selves. That would be tolerance or acceptance. So finally I have several pillars:

  1. Tolerance: Restraint in externalizing moral and/or ethical disagreement of any kind
  2. Intolerance: Externalization of moral and/or ethical disagreement concerning behavior
  3. Acceptance: Introspective decision concerning ethical or moral agreement
  4. Non-Acceptance: Introspective decision concerning ethical and/or moral disagreement
  5. Bigotry: Non-acceptance concerning a subject of being/identity
  6. Discrimination: Externalization of bigotry

      This is my final word on the subject.

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KCFS Lecture Media

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      Good News! Kansas Citizens For Science has released mp3 files of the Lecture I attended last week for direct downloading. First I found this link to a forum that also inclodes a quicktime movie of a news report on it, and then here is the main download link. Download and listen to it all with the power point presentation as well!


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      Here's Something that I posted up on my Xanga a few years ago. I still stand by it. I feel it's important to my blog because you'll rarely find scientists using these stupidisms. Not only do they reveal the weakness of their utterer's mind, but they help spread that weakness. Everything listed below can be associated with a harmful meme/plex.

      Saturday, December 04, 2004      

      There are two good ways to measure the quality of a society: the prisoners it keeps, and the crap that flies out of its people's faces. Right now, I'd give the entire world a big fat F. My solution: once a day, people should think about what they're about to say would look like in a handwritten letter - in cursive - to their God, the head of the FBI, the head of the CIA, the head of whatever secret world government they think exists and every philosopher they idolize, after which all would critique every detail to their faces with the help of props, diagrams, PowerPoint presentations, charts, graphs, historical documents and just plain insults. How intelligent would such gems as "I guess that's your opinion!" seem then? How intelligent would the entire religious structure of the Judeo-Christian world look then? I can see a lot of failed I.Q. tests out there.

      Don't act like you don't know you're stupid; you are, trust me. But do let me explain to you the difference between being stupid and being dumb. Dumb people are not born with a completely functional brain, and nothing can help that. Stupid people however, are culpable and responsible for their education and what comes out of their mouths at any second but somehow they manage most of the time only to let pure unintelligent shit fly out of their mouths upon exhalation, and do equally unintelligent things as well. For example, a girl who graduated from my high school a year before me managed to get into college. On the second day of our class, Composition I, together, I walked in to a nearly full classroom only to hear her say, "Nobody's here." I, of course, reply, "what?" Immediately, she is defensive and speaks in an asinine pseudo-sarcastic voice we all know and hate to say, "Nobody's here! It's a joke... like... ha, ha?"

      I won't use personal experience much in this because I am under no illusion that everything I see is a representative sample of everybody's life. But I do feel there are enough people out there who get little blonde gems like the event I just described. Talkative female humans, from ages 13 - 2x, often have absolutely no true intellectual strength. Neither do most guys in that age range, but only the smallest minority actually says shit like that. These things are true. So, the show must go on. I'm sure many of the stupid things I've heard are actually quite common. That would explain why I hear them so often. To get these out of the way, here is a list of stupid quotes in no particular order.

  • I guess that's your opinion!
  • Says who?
  • You go, girl!
  • Nigga!
  • May or may not be.
  • I'm a child at heart.
  • Sorry, but…
  • No offense, but…
  • Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.
  • Some of the best things in life are free.
  • The grass is always greener on the other side.
  • Guess what?
  • I'm not racist, but…
  • We're doing it for the fans. / It's all about the fans.
  • He/she wasn't the kind of person to do that sort of thing (usually following a murder, rape, or beyond-belief stupidity).
  • It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.
  • One man's trash is another man's treasure.
  • A happy person is a productive one.
  • If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.
  • The simplest answer is usually the best.
  • Marijuana was put on Earth by God for me to enjoy.
  • The best things in life come in small packages.
  • Cool beans!
  • Get motivated!
  • Jesus loves you! / Jesus died for your sins!
  • Any quote mining from the bible.
  • Woop woop! / Woot!
  • All is fair in love and war.
  • I'd like to give a shout out to…
  • There's nothing to fear but fear itself.
  • Sunny disposition.
  • African American (Hey, if I said I was an Irish American, you'd think I'm one, maybe two generations removed. "African American" makes it sound like the black guy just got off the boat. He's black, okay?)
  • That's gay. / You're gay.
  • No, when we say that, we mean it like "ghey." (We're not buying your bullshit).
  • 'Tis better to be silent and be thought of fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
  • Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds.
  • I'm a dog person.
  • I'm a cat person.
  • I hate [insert object of phobia].
  • All work and no play makes [insert own name or stupid nickname] a dull boy.
  • When one door closes, another door opens.
  • Opportunity only knocks once.
  • No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
  • Some say life isn't fair. But life isn't fair to everybody. That makes life fair.
  • There's always somebody stronger/better out there.
  • Nature imitates art.
  • Art imitates nature.
  • I think, therefore I am.
  • Beauty is skin-deep.
  • Turn over a good leaf.
  • I'm an optimist.
  • Keep it real.
  • Holla!
  • Bling bling!
  • The pen is mightier than the sword.
  • "All-Natural"
  • You really can change the world if you just care enough.
  • One hand washes the other.
  • Fight fire with fire.
  • It takes a village to raise a child.
  • Never take anybody's advice.
  • Born-again Christian
  • Born-again virgin
  • Morals are important.
  • Me casa es su casa.
  • I couldn't help it!
  • If the shoe fits…
  • If he has big feet…
  • If he has a big nose…
  • Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world.
  • You can judge your age by the amount of pain you feel when you come upon a new idea.
  • Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
  • I can only open the door - you have to walk through it.
  • Politics are not the task of the Christian.
  • Pimp my Ride.
  • Tricked Up ride.
  • Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.
  • Nobody ever listens [to me]!
  • Whenever two people argue over principles, they are both right.
  • If you think you can, you can.
  • You can't shake hands with a clenched fist.
  • Words don't move mountains.
  • Actions speak louder than words.
  • Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.
  • If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • The truth shall set you free.
  • Behind every good man is a good woman.
  • Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. It is that we are powerful beyond measure.
  • All that and a bag of chips.
  • That's Ghetto.
  • Best Friends Forever / BFF
  • Great minds think alike.
  • Dog is man's best friend.
  • Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.
  • There's no such thing as a poor follower, only bad leaders.
  • The ballot is stronger than the bullet.
  • Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.
  • Love birds.
  • A meteoric rise.
  • Light years ahead.
  • The Dark Side of the Moon.
  • Bad moon rising.

And there you have it. All the quotes I could go through online without collapsing from a stupidity-induced migraine headache. But I'm done. Next, I have a huge list of misconceptions, some about science, and some about other things.

  • Eggs can only be balanced on the vernal equinox.
  • The sky is blue because it reflects light from the oceans / because like other things, has a color but is too thin to see without a lot.
  • Lakes and oceans are blue because they reflect the blue sky.
  • The seasons are caused by the differences in distance from the sun.
  • In an electric circuit, electrons flow at the speed of light.
  • The moon doesn't spin - that's why we always see the same side.
  • The moon looks bigger on the horizon because you're comparing it to foreground objects on or near the horizon.
  • There is a face on Mars.
  • Some day, the sun will collapse into a black hole.
  • The planets of the Solar System sometimes line up.
  • The asteroid belt is densely packed with asteroids.
  • Saturn would float in water.
  • The sun is shrinking 5 meters a day.
  • If everybody in China / the world jumped at once, we could shove Earth out of its orbit around the sun.
  • Jupiter is a failed star that never collapsed from a ball of gas.
  • Electrons orbit the atomic nucleus in perfectly spherical energy states.
  • You can't see the moon during the day.
  • Gravity on the spinning space station, Mir, is just like real gravity.
  • Nukes can destroy asteroids that will destroy the Earth, even still punier nukes inside the core of the asteroid.
  • Comets have tails that always flow behind them.
  • You can always see lasers.
  • The Earth's magnetic field protects from deadly microwaves.
  • The Earth's spinning iron/nickel core protects us from microwave radiation.
  • The Van Allen radiation belts can give astronauts an instant lethal dose of radiation poisoning.
  • Observatories work well during the day and you can use a flashlight and your own telescope at the same time.
  • Meteors are still hot when they descend onto the Earth. Sometimes smoking.
  • Blowing up the comet will save the Earth, and all the fragments always burn.
  • NASA invented Velcro.
  • All the astronauts get out and explore the moon or whatever at the same time.
  • The "gravity" in a space station goes to full force instantly starting rotation, and stops instantly when the rotation slows down again.
  • Spacecraft can become "invisible" if they are just mirrors.
  • Bullets always flash when they hit metal or concrete or anything else hard; also, they're always hot.
  • Cars explode easily, especially when gunshots hit the gas tank.
  • Outer-space explosions look like they would on Earth.
  • There are silencers for guns that reduce the sound to nothing but a tiny fizzle.
  • Sound decreases in intensity linearly away from the source.
  • Gasoline is easily ignited by a cigarette.
  • Cold is measurable.
  • Temperature is the same thing as heat.
  • Thermometers measure heat.
  • Force is a form of energy.
  • Our sense of hot or cold is an accurate measure of temperature and heat.
  • Leaving a ceiling fan on during the summer will slowly heat up the room.
  • When using a simple machine, the energy output of the machine is greater than that which one puts in.
  • 1000 joules of mechanical energy is the same energy in 1000 joules of hydroelectric energy.
  • If there was no friction then combustion could convert 100% of the gasoline and oxygen into energy.
  • The moon has no gravity; astronauts in orbit are under no gravity.
  • Speed and velocity is the same thing.
  • When a car turns and doesn't lose speed, it doesn't accelerate.
  • If an object sinks, there is no buoyant force acting on it.
  • A ball thrown into the air accelerates in the upwards direction as it goes up.
  • The car seats cause the force that throws people forward during crashes.
  • In space, zero gravity environments, throwing a baseball and a house are just as easy as the other.
  • As volume of water increases, so does the density.
  • Voltage is the force which pushes electrons in a circuit.
  • There are 100 cubic centimeters in a cubic meter.
  • You can fly through a rainbow.
  • Alternate universes lie in the cores of black holes.
  • Black holes can be used for time travel.
  • {Anything a Creationist Says}
  • If it is not explicitly stated in the Constitution, the government can impugn on right x.
  • A perpetual motion machine may be achievable.
  • All materials feel the same, by our cells heat receptors, if they are the same temperature.
  • More sophisticated technology is better technology.
  • Scientists use the SCIENTIFIC METHOD
  • Clouds float because the water droplets are tiny.
  • Lemon-batteries can light light-bulbs.
  • Sound travels better through solids and liquids.
  • Filled and empty balloons demonstrate the weight of air.
  • Gasses always expand to fill their containers.
  • Friction is caused by surface roughness.
  • Ice skates function via water pressure.
  • Light from the sun is parallel light.
  • Raindrops are pointed.
  • Shadows disappear on cloudy days.
  • Seven colors in the rainbow.
  • Laser light is "in phase" light.
  • Laser light is parallel light.
  • Lasers are coherent because atoms emit in phase.
  • Iron and Steel only magnetic metals.
  • Re-entering spacecraft are heated by air-friction.
  • Salt water is full of sodium chloride.
  • Light and radio waves always travel exactly "the speed of light," c.
  • The Earth's magnetic poles are just under the surface.
  • Batteries and generators create electrical energy.
  • Electricity leaves one battery plate, returns to the other.
  • Static electricity is the "opposite" of current electricity.
  • Each individual electron carries energy.
  • Atoms always have equal numbers of protons and electrons.
  • Electricity is a form of energy.
  • Batteries store charge. Charge flows in wire.
  • Static electricity caused by friction
  • Static electricity is a build of electrons.
  • Static electricity is static and unmoving.
  • Humid air is conductive.
  • Lightning rods discharge the clouds.
  • The stuff flowing in wires is called "electric current."
  • Electrical energy flows in a circle.
  • During electrical current, energy jumps from particle to particle.
  • Power plants send electric power to the consumer.
  • Current flows only on the surface of wires.
  • Stars and constellations appear in the same place every night.
  • Sunset and Sunrise are exactly due east and due west.
  • Planetary objects cause shadows on the moon - this is phasing.
  • The Solar System is very crowded.
  • The galaxy is very crowded.
  • Brightness of stars is only dependent on distance from Earth.
  • Rain comes from holes in clouds?
  • One degree of temperature on the Celsius scale is smaller than on the Fahrenheit scale.
  • All rivers flow towards the equator. The Nile is the only example known to do otherwise.
  • Coral reefs exist throughout the Gulf and North Atlantic waters.
  • Acquired characteristics can be inherited by the next generation.(Lamarckism)
  • Some human races are less evolved than others.
  • Evolutionary changes are goal-oriented.
  • Evolutionary changes are based only on need.
  • The pupil is only a dot.
  • The lens of the eye is the only part responsible for focusing light
  • Primary colors are red, blue, and yellow.
  • Pigment theory and light theory is the same thing.
  • The only type of potential energy is gravitational.
  • Gravitational potential energy is only dependent on height.
  • Things "use up" energy.
  • Doubling the speed of an object doubles the kinetic energy.
  • Motionless objects have no forces acting on them.
  • A force is always needed to keep an object moving at a constant speed.
  • Larger objects always exert larger forces.
  • Acceleration is always positive.
  • Wood floats, metal sinks. Always.
  • Pressure, force, and mass are often interchanged. What the fuck?
  • Heat is a substance.
  • Fluid pressure only acts downward.
  • Objects that readily become warm do not readily become cold again.
  • Light only travels so far from a bulb. Its brightness determines length.
  • Rocks must be heavy.
  • The metric system is more accurate than other systems.
  • The metric system is a fraud.
  • The Egyptian pyramids were built with very, very low technology or technological understanding on the builders' parts.
  • The Egyptian pyramids were built that shape for their beauty and power.
  • Spider web is stronger than steel, therefore spider-man's webs are realistic.
  • All insects and bugs would still have the same strength if blown up to human or other mammalian sizes.
  • Radiation causes mutations that don't affect quality of life, just turns u into a different creature.
  • All incest causes horribly deformed babies, and only happens between dumb people in rural areas. This is why it is taboo.
  • Star Trek is based on real science. All of it.
  • Star Wars is based on real science. All of it.
  • If you jump in time during an elevator's freefall, you may survive.
  • Ice Bullets.
  • Meat Bullets.
  • Cell phones blow up gas stations.
  • Peeing on the 3rd rail can kill you. Same with electric fences, house outlets, and car batteries, even voltages in the tens of thousands.
  • Eel skin wallets are waterproof.
  • A dime or penny off the empire state building is lethal and buries the coin ten feet in concrete.
  • Tooth fillings can catch radio transmissions.
  • All metal in microwave ovens causes explosions.
  • Sinking ships' displacement pulls people in beyond resistance.
  • Archimedes really built a mirror death ray to destroy a ship.
  • "bullet-proof glass" is always bulletproof, if advertised so.
  • Those "levitation machines" really levitate you.
  • Quicksand. Enough said.
  • In the Ming dynasty, they launched a man safely into space like a cannonball.
  • Due to decreasing cabin pressure, breast implants expand, explode, kill.
  • Due to the low pressure outside of a plane, even a bullet hole will cause what's called "explosive decompression."
  • Goldfish have 3 second memory.
  • Trombone slides + firecracker = rocket.
  • Marching soldiers can match the resonance of a bridge and topple it.
  • Daddy-Long-Legs are the most venomous spider in the world.
  • Rocket fuel can safely propel a normal automobile, if not over a cliff.
  • Throw a hammer in the water to break the fall, survive long fall into river.
  • Lightning will strike body piercing.
  • Storm drains make good canons.
  • Animal eggs (other than worms/parasites) can survive and germinate in humans.
  • Washing machine can be "tricked up" to spin at lethal velocities.
  • Gasoline or lighter fluid or paint thinner causes lethal toilets.
  • Running in rain keeps you dryer.
  • Computer CD-Rom drives can cause lethal CD explosions.
  • Pop rocks + Soda = death.
  • Airplane toilets have such a "strong" vacuum they can suck you in and kill.
  • Police radar can accidentally detect speed of jets flying in the officer's view.
  • Interstate highways were built as landing strips in World War I / II.
  • Putting random things in your mouth helps you on the breathalyzer.
  • Bullets used as fuses in cars will go off.
  • During wartime, the seal of the President of the United States is modified so that its head faces the other direction.
  • The four kings in playing cards represent Charlemagne, David, Caesar, and Alexander.
  • The game, "Ring around the Rosie" refers to the Black Plague.
  • AIDS was created by the CIA…… to kill gays and Jews???
  • The number of hooves raised into the air by horses in statues symbolizes how the rider died.
  • Taps was a melody found in the pocket of a boy who died at his father's hands during the Civil War, when they split apart and joint opposite sides.
  • Being an only child once exempted you from military service.
  • An American flag is folded 13 times because each has a symbolic meaning.
  • The middle-finger gesture originated from the Battle of Agincourt


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